What to Find in the Best Foosball Table Under $500

When you are looking for a Foosball table, you may notice that they can be a little pricey. If your budget is strict for the table, well then it’s time to look for the best Foosball table under $500. Just like looking for any Foosball table, yo want to make sure you have some basic things down for this lower priced table. Make sure that the table is still of decent quality. Even if $500 is on the lower side of most table prices, that doesn’t mean you should settle for something that falls apart. You probably also want to make sure it has the basic necessities for Foosball table.

Quality Matters

In seeking out the best Foosball table under $500, there is the idea that because it’s lower priced, it’s going to be extremely cheap. While it’s true maybe that in order for companies to be able to offer a lower table price, they may have to reduce certain qualities such as maybe using MDF as opposed to fully cut thick wood. A Foosball table with a lower price shouldn’t scare you off automatically. Look at the reviews and see what the other customers are saying about this table.

Buying Used Tables

When trying to find out which is the best Foosball table under $500 to buy, you may even consider getting one that is used on the second hand market. It’s possible that someone has had a table that is more of the above $1,000 value and has then decided they don’t want the table any more and is willing to sell it for the price range you want. This is a win-win for you since you’re getting the value of a higher-end table for the price you need. You should still of course inspect it and make sure that the person selling the table hasn’t completely destroyed it.

Look at Reviews

But when it’s a new table that you want, for the best Foosball table under $500, you want to definitely see what the other customers of that table are saying. It’s always good practice to make sure that the people who bought that table are really happy with it too, because even though it’s on the lower side of Foosball table budgets, you want to make sure it’s still a good table. You’re still spending $500. Reviews should reflect the customers’ satisfaction with the table and you want to look out for things such as people saying it didn’t build correctly, or some pieces were missing. These are the bad reviews you want to look for and decide if maybe you avoid that table.

The best Foosball table under $500 is all dependent on what you feel is worth the $500. If you want a Foosball table for the occasional play and it won’t be something that gets used all the time then consider that when buying the table. But if you are planning to eventually really get people playing on it all the time and even host some tournaments, there are definitely better tables for that use.

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