What is foosball? It is a tabletop version of football played on a portable foosball table and has been around since the 1920s. Foosball started in England Harold Thorton.
It became popular in the US in the 1960s. There is even an International-Table Soccer-Federation in France and all efforts are on to get the game introduced in the Olympics.

Why Is A Portable Foosball Table So Popular?

Unless you have a big game room in your house which has sufficient room for a stationary foosball table, it makes perfect sense to buy a portable foosball table which can be stored away once the games are done with. This is the best way to keep your foosball table clean and free of any dust or dirt.

Does Size Matter?

You have to remember that a portable foosball table will most probably be smaller in size that a stationary table, as it has to be made convenient to carry. so the manufacturer would compromise on the playing field. In some portable foosball tables, the number of payers is reduced to 8 from the original 13.
Just because it needs to be small does not mean that the table has to also compromise on the ease of play. The rods should be jammed into one another allowing sufficient space for turning. Both hands have to come into play. The size of these balls will be smaller than the regular ones and are thus more likely to get lost. So buy a few extra ones.

Where Does It Go To?

When buying a portable foosball table, you have to know when and how many times this is going to be moved. If you intend taking it for picnics and family trips, you have to picture whether it would fit in your car.
If you just want a portable foosball table to be able to pack it up and take it to your next home, then you do not need to compromise on size, as this move might not be an imminent or a regular one.

What Are The Portable Features?

If your portable foosball table does not have all the features of a regular full-size foosball table then you could be missing out on all the fun of the game itself. A smaller portable foosball table will have restricted size of the playing area, which would eventually mean cutting down on the number of players.
In some portable foosball tables, the number of players is reduced from thirteen to eight. Some portable tables do not have the ball recovery system, which means that for every goal you would have to reach into the pocket and manually get the ball out. Just because it is foldable you should not sacrifice on the quality of fun you intend to have with the portable foosball table.

Foosball Table Construction

The benefits of a portable foosball table that is would be lightweight when compared to a similar sized stationary foosball table. However, the safety of the players should not be compromised by purchasing a flimsy table with cheap plastic components. The rods should not come off while in play or there might be a serious injury.

A portable foosball table could end up giving you as much fun as the regular standard stationary foosball table at a considerably lower cost. Also, free up space in your games room for some other activities.

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