Arsenal Foosball Table and You

Many people are interested in purchasing an Arsenal Foosball Table since Arsenal is one of the top football teams in the English Premier League. The Arsenal Football table has fans worldwide, and they would like to play foosball on a table of their favorite team. It should be noted that there are two types of foosball tables available with the Arsenal football team logo. The official Arsenal website is selling a foosball table, which will be described in this article. There are also foosball teams who are making their own tables, with the Arsenal logo, and some claim that they have the license to do so.

Official Website

The best way to purchase the official Arsenal Foosball Table is from the website of the Arsenal Foosball team. Like most popular sports brands, Arsenal has an official online store where a large number of merchandised products are being sold. These products include gift ideas like the table. The Arsenal 20 inch table is listed on the website, and customers can place an order directly. Customers can order one to 39 tables from the website. The price is shown based on the country in which the buyer is located. The shipping charges also vary depending on the country in which the buyer of the table is located and are clearly specified.


The Arsenal Foosball Table from Arsenal Football club has a length of 20 inches, width of 12 inches and height of 8 inches. Since this table is smaller than the conventional table, there are only 6 players in each team. The cabinet of the table is made from wood. It is sturdy and will not get damaged even if more force is being applied. The ends of the table with the goals are painted orange, while the sides of the table are painted black. The pitch is green in color with grass like effect. The Arsenal logo is painted in the middle of the football field.


The design of the Arsenal Foosball-Table is similar to that of conventional smaller foosball fields. The players are made from plastic and are painted in lifelike colors. The teams who play represent 1979 Arsenal and 1989 Arsenal teams . One team is dressed in dark blue and the other team in dark red. There are two balls supplied for each table. These balls are black and white in color like conventional footballs. There is a numeric scorer at each side of the table above the goal with a slider to keep the score. The rods are made from steel and have a soft grip, so that players can conveniently and easily play.

Assembly and other Information

The Arsenal Foosball Table purchased from the Arsenal website is supplied in a flat box for ease of transportation. The buyer will have to spend some time assembling the foosball table before using it for the first time. Instructions for assembling the table are provided. The table is fairly lightweight weighing 8 pounds. It is an ideal gift for children who are above the age of three. The table should be cleaned periodically with a sponge to remove the dirt and grime. Different payment options are accepted. Returns are accepted within 28 days of purchase of the table.

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