All Wood Foosball Table is of High Quality

Increasingly families and businesses are interested in purchasing an All Wood Foosball Table instead of the other tables. In the last few decades, foosball is becoming popular among people of all ages, especially younger people who have a lot of energy and stamina . Hence people are purchasing foosball tables, and it found that compared to tables made from other materials , a quality foosball table made from wood, is an excellent investment. In addition to be used for entertainment, the table of some brands can be also used as a furniture piece for decor.


One of the main reasons why people wish to purchase the All-Wood Foosball Table is because each wooden table is unique. Unlike plywood or MDF foosball table which are mass produced in factories, if genuine wood is used for the tables, each piece of wood used is unique, since it comes from a different tree. Hence the wooden table will have its own unique pattern which makes it different from the other tables which are available. Since the table is unique and different from other tables,it will have a better resale value, if the owner of the table wishes to sell the table at a later date.

Wood Used

While purchasing an All Wood Foosball-Table it is important to check the type of wood which is being used since this will affect the price and durability of the table. Different kinds of wood are used for making the foosball table depending on the brand and model number of the table. Hardwood like oak, birch and maple are some of the popular options for the tables. Many buyers prefer to purchase tables which are made from reclaimed wood. This wood has been used for furniture or other applications, and it is reused for making the table. It is important to find out the type of wood which is being used, before ordering the table.


The All Wood-Foosball-Table is popular because it is well designed and can also be used for decor. Some of the brands specify that the wooden models have a furniture style design. Most of wood tables available are handmade, and the workmanship is of the highest quality. It is advisable to check the design, especially the thickness of the walls of the cabinet and the legs before choosing a table. It is better to choose a table with legs made from solid wood. This ensures that the table will be heavy, and it will not move easily when shots are being played. Hence many players prefer a wooden table.

Price and Value

Though the All-Wood Foosball-Table is better for playing a game of foosball, those who wish to purchase the table should be aware that the price of the wooden table will be far higher than a table made from other materials. This is mainly because the cost of the wood used is higher than the price of plywood or MDF. Additionally the tables are handcrafted, so the labor costs for wooden tables are higher. However the wooden tables are likely to be far more durable compared to tables made from other materials. After a few decades, the tables will become rare, and can be sold at a higher price for a good profit.

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