How Foosball is Played on a 8 Person Foosball Table

Outdoor football is a team game, and if players wish to play foosball as a team they can opt for a 8 Person Foosball Table. Most foosball games are played between two players, one player on each side. In some cases, players can opt for a doubles foosball game , with a pair of players in each time on either side of the table. Since the length of the standard table is only 56 inches, it is usually not possible for more adult players to be part of a team. If more people wish to play the foosball game together, they should opt for a larger table which is designed with eight player positions, though the aim of scoring goals is the same.


The length of the 8 Person Foosball Table should be sufficient so that four players can comfortably play the game, standing on each side of the table. Usually an adult foosball player will require at least 28 inches of space, so that he can handle the rods comfortably. Hence the length of the table is usually double the size of a standard 56 inch foosball table, typically more than 100 inches in length. The width of the table is typically the same as a standard table, approximately 30 inches and the height of the table is again similar to a standard table with a size of 36 inches.


The 8 Person Foosball Table is fairly large and it can be used only if there sufficient area for the players to stand and play the game comfortably. Hence these tables are are usually not found in most homes, since they do not have sufficient space. They are typically used in bars, recreation centers, sports rooms where the tables are rented for a game or on the basis of the time for which they are used. Since these larger tables are different from the standard tables for foosball they may be used by event management companies for promotional events or advertising or for party rentals.


Since the 8 Person Foosball Table is larger than the standard table, there are some differences in the design. Only a few manufacturers like Garlando and Warrior are making these larger tables. Since they are mainly used for entertainment purposes, these tables sometimes have LED lighting for illumination. The tables are fold-able so that they can be easily transported from one place to another. Since these tables are double the length of the standard tables, they are also heavier, and the cost of renting a large table will be more expensive due to higher transportation cost for parties and other events.

Other Features

Since the 8 Person Foosball Table is likely to be rented, it is designed so that it can be easily disassembled for transportation and assembled quickly at the place where the table is being used. If the LED lighting feature is available, the players can decide whether they want it on or off. A power supply connection is required for the LED lighting. In some cases, laser lighting may also be required.The table has levelers so that the playing surface remains uniform. High quality components are used so that the table can be used for a long period of time without any repairs.

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