The Use of 56 Inch Foosball Table

Though foosball tables are available in many sizes the 56 Inch Foosball Table is standard size table for foosball, used in tournaments. Typically the size of the foosball table is defined in terms of length of the table, since it is the largest dimension of the table. For a standard foosball table, the overall length of the table is the typically 56 inches, and the width is usually 30 inches, though there may be some differences since the design for different brands will vary. For smaller tables, the length may be different, and the other dimensions are also proportionately smaller.

Player Convenience

One of the reasons why a 56 inch Foosball Table has become the standard size for foosball, is because it is the most suitable size for playing the game conveniently. The table usually has eight rods with four rods for each player. The player should be able to stand comfortable and manipulate all the four rods with foosball men using the space which is available. For a larger size table, it is difficult for most players to easier control the rods. If the table is smaller, there will not be sufficient space for the player to manipulate the rods comfortably.

Table Design

Another reason why the 56 Inch Foosball Table has become the standard is because it allows the table to be designed properly. To rods are installed along the length of the table, and there should be sufficient space between the rods, so the foosball men attached to rods, can intercept the ball and play tricky shots. If there is less space between the rods it will not be easy to manipulate the ball and play the shots which could help in scoring a goal. Hence in many of the smaller foosball tables, due to lack of space, there are only six rods instead of eight rods in the standard table.


The 56 Inch Foosball Table is the most widely used table for professional players for practice and for tournaments. The regulatory body for foosball in Europe, United States and other countries will usually only certify tables of 56 inches as being acceptable for playing national and international tournaments. In all sports matches, it is important to ensure that all the players have a level playing field and are playing in the same conditions, so that they all have the opportunity to win. Hence for competitive games of foosball, it is important to ensure that all the players are playing on tables of the same design and length.

Other Considerations

One of the advantages of using the 56 Inch Foosball Table is that it is large enough to accommodate more than one player per team. In some cases, there may be two players per team and if the table length is at least 56 inches, each player can handle two of the four rods of his team comfortably without bumping into the other players. It is important to ensure that the room or other area where the table is being placed, is spacious enough to accommodate the table. There should also be sufficient space for the rods, and the players who should be able to move around freely while playing the game.

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